Happy Birthday to Me!


Happy Birthday to Me!
lemon chocolate - chocolate biscuit joconde, hazelnut praline brittle, lemon curd, lemon praline mousse, chocolate mousse, chocolate lacquer glaze.
my birthday falls on the 7th and i had an early celebration with the family yesterday. as usual i was expected to bring a cake so i decided on this, a lemon choc cake. the unfortunate thing is that it collapsed on the long journey to my aunt's home so i didn't bother taking a pic of the insides. should hv added some gelatin to the choc mousse :( the good thing is, everyone raved about it, including the gf whom i shared a slice with. she said my cake tasted like canele patisserie's so its really a huge compliment :)
i used a chocolate lacquer glaze instead. this is a really really good recipe and being the usual fan of the orange + chocolate combination, i'm now a lemon + chocolate convert as well. the combination is just as gorgeous as the orange one. the only thing is its alittle on the sweet side since i used 55% equatoriale chocolate, if i were to make it again (which i'm very sure i will), i'll use a 70% or above chocolate.

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