Pistachio & Raspberry Chiffon ピスタチオとラズベリーのシフォンケーキ


Pistachio Raspberry Chiffon

something i tried from a new chiffon cake book i bought last week. i realize i don't look at chiffon cakes like the way i used to in the past coz they're made in so many exotic flavors like earl grey, black sesame, yuzu, purple sweet potato, rose, matcha etc these days. no longer are they just limited to boring flavors like pandan and chocolate. decided on this cake coz i wanted to put my really expensive $60/kg sevarome pistachio paste into good use. the cake turned out really soft and fluffy and is probably the softest chiffon cake i've ever tasted. was really good! and chiffon cakes aren't exactly the most photogenic subjects around so i only hv this pic.

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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