Pajeon 파전


Pajeon 파전

pajeon, or korean scallion pancake is sooo difficult to get it right i'm not sure why. so far i've not eaten a good one even at korean restaurants or eateries coz they're either too floury or oily so i thought i'd wanna try my hands on these. i first set my eyes on the one by david lebovitz after looking through several recipes. made it and didn't like it. the batter was too thick it had no chance to spread hence i ended up with a really thick pancake which was slightly uncooked in the middle.

Pajeon 파전

my second attempt was better, this time i chose a recipe by mitong, a chinese blogger whom i think is rather well-versed in asian dishes and she made quite a few korean ones. the recipe looked unique since it wasn't just a flour/water/egg recipe but one that uses a small proportion of glutinous rice flour and milk. it was definitely better than my first attempt except i wonder if the lack of oil contributed to a not-so-crispy pancake. i really didn't want mine drenched in oil so i added very little oil. still, it was actually quite good on its own tho' i wish it were thinner. sauce was simple and appetizing it really made a whole lot of difference to the taste.

recipe from here and i will translate when i have the time :)

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