i realize i haven't been taking pics of my macarons for a long long time. i'm taking on larger orders now so after i'm done everytime, i'd feel too pooped to take any pics. during moments like these i wish i hv a personal photographer to do the job for me!


anyway here are some pics of a latest order. my current favorite is this - the passionfruit milk choc macarons. i really like how the sweetness of the milk choc complements the tanginess of passionfruit. and a not-so-new flavor is the orangette which is another of my favorite. i've declared my love for anything choc-orange a thousand times i think! basically my orangette macaron is made up of orange shells dusted with cocoa powder and filled with orange zested dark choc ganache and my homemade orange peel. homemade makes all the difference coz i added lotsa spices and cooked the peels for 2 hrs. really like the flavor alot. i intend to come up with somemore new flavors when i'm not so busy, one of them would be another pierre herme's inspired montebello - two-colored shells with pistachio ganache & raspberry pâte de fruit (read : paht der fruee) center :)


mental note to myself : take more pics of my orders in future!

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  1. Federica5:24 PM

    ciao!!!complimenti!!!splendidi e golosi!!!

  2. Shaheen2:23 PM

    Your photos are the best! Now I feel like making some macarons!

  3. cakiechanchan1:17 AM

    pretty pretty! make me want some macarons now!

  4. Bertha8:12 AM

    Love everything you make, everything looks so perfect and not to mention great photos! Can't wait to see your new post everytime :)

  5. Rachel5:05 AM

    Wow, these look delicious and the packaging is so so pretty!


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