Oven Roasted Potatoes


prior to this, i've never really baked nor roasted savory stuff except very rare occasions of baked rice, pasta or pizza. which is why i'm really proud to say my ovens are very clean coz they're free from oil splatters and weird odors. but lately i've suddenly taken an interest in savory food. so far i've made clam chowder and bolognese sauce and i intend to roast a chicken next.

Oven Roasted Potatoesand here's my first attempt in roasting anything - potatoes. i'm surprised at how well this turned out but of coz, this is a no-brainer. i liken them to potato wedges though the skin's not as crispy but they're healthier and the insides are fluffy and nice. hubby likes them unseasoned but i prefer them with lotsa seasoning - coarse sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, parsley flakes...the works. i used three varieties of potatoes here, the normal yellow ones, purple and red.

i've also changed a new area for phototaking. i'm now photographing at my balcony (previously was at the yard on top of the washer lol) with a new wooden outdoor table from IKEA so i'm trying to get used to everything - from the very ample lighting to the camera settings.

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  1. Chelle4:07 PM

    pretty potatoes! i just made potato mash the other day. hmmm. there's just something comforting about the carbs hey? (:

    more the merrier for seasoning! and that's a lovely wooden table backdrop you've got there. i love the rustic feel of tartelette/cannelle et vanille pictures cos they use wooden textures too hehe.


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