Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し


Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し

something simple for sunday breakfast. wouldn't really have thought of making until i got these white ceramic chawanmushi cups. i've been on the lookout for these white cups for the longest time! most of them are floral/japanese-inspired so i was really elated to find white ones at daiso. cup + lid for just two bucks is definitely worth it! plus its just the right shade i like - creamy white :)

i compared several recipes and finally settled for one that didn't require mirin. i was tempted to buy ingredients just for this (had in mind shimeji, kamaboko japanese fishcake, chicken & ginkgo) but since its my first attempt and i didn't know how it'll turn out, i just settled for whatever i got at home - shiitake mushrooms & surimi crabsticks. i must say the overall taste is quite good, very silky and smooth. i was kinda afraid i would oversteam it since i didn't really hv much luck with the chinese style steamed egg. i would always end up with those with pockmarks. i was also rather perplexed at first coz i feel that the ingredients would sink when i pour the egg mixture over. they did so i realized i really had to have them in very thin slices so they'd float. i'm still on the lookout for a better recipe tho'. find this rather soupy and i would prefer something more firm and stronger in egg taste. might reduce the broth for my nx attempt.

recipe from here.

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