Rose Chiffon バラのシフォンケーキ


Rose Chiffon
i realize even as i began to eat light and go on a healthy eating regimen, i really don't hv to give up desserts totally. i just need to be selective thats all. like the ones i made lately, be it the ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi), japanese souffle cheesecake or spiced poached pears, they definitely satisfied the sweet tooth in me without adding a whole lot of calories. this rose chiffon cake is no exception. this cake is light and airy and lends a subtle hint of rose, which is my favorite flavor in desserts and remains soft even after refrigeration due to the fact it uses oil instead of butter.

Rose Chiffon
the cake turned out beautifully and i think i must be one of the rare people who do not experience any problem working with egg whites. i don't make chiffon often so i expect to come into some form of difficulty, be it getting the cake to the correct height or during the unmolding. fortunately, none at all. i realized alot of chiffon cakes are not frosted but i think they're nicer when spread with a thin layer of creme chantilly. makes the cake really pretty and moist. i also wanted to make an ispahan flavor initially by adding bits of lychee and raspberries but since i'm not sure if the moisture in the fruits would hinder with the rise of the cake, i decided against it. but i'll definitely try it nx time!

recipe adapted from fruity cakes by alex goh

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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