Laksa & Cashew Nut Pesto Linguine


Laksa Pesto Linguine
ever since my first not-so-fantastic attempt on laksa pesto, i've been wanting to make it again. chubby hubby was really kind to gimme some pointers via twitter but unfortunately i've forgotten most of it except that he used sambal for his. but all's not lost coz i found another delicious recipe.

this pesto is somewhat different coz it uses cashew nuts, fish sauce and no cheese. but it turned out really really delicious with a slight tinge of sweetness. this recipe is definitely a keeper and i'm so making it again! i also attempted to make ramen egg (hard boiled, soft centered) and it turned out rather tricky to peel despite putting them in cold water so i had to quarter it. i think i definitely need more practice.

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