Wedding Favors For Edwin & Janice


Wedding Favors - Edwin & Janice

blogger edwin approached me to make macarons for his wedding. 80 bags of these in assorted flavors of macha, rose, cafe, caramel fleur de sel & feuillitine chocolate and i was extremely satisfied with how they look. he provided the stickers and i think they blended in really well with the macarons and the cream ribbons. for a moment i was kinda worried when edwin said he would provide the stickers. what if they were cartoonish & in neon colors? guess my worries were unfounded :p

Macarons au café

macarons au cafe - one of the flavors edwin ordered and this is the first time i've tried sprinkling them with freshly ground waitrose columbian coffee beans. intoxicating aroma!

Wedding Favors - Edwin & Janice

i think the colors are so lovely they'll look great on a macaron croquembouche (tower).

so swarmed with orders that i haven't been baking much. promise to bake something this coming week! congrats edwin & janice on your marriage. wishing you bliss & happiness :)

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