Matcha Sablés


Macha Sablés

made these in order to take a break from macaron making (also to preserve my sanity). be it simple or complicated, rustic or modern, i think my life revolves around french patisserie alot. when i don't hv time to make multi-component entremets, i find myself drawn to french bakes still. even simple ones like financiers, madeleines & eclairs can be so satisfying.

Macha Sablés

i got this recipe from my newly acquired cookbook - okashi treats by keiko ishida. frankly speaking, i wasn't very drawn to the book. i find the recipes too simple and rustic for my liking and while i know that i wouldn't attempt 80% of the recipes in there, i just couldn't resist the macha and goma black sesame ones.

anyway these cookies turned out great, crisp and buttery and the sugar coating on the sides provided an extra crunch. i like them! i only wish the macha taste was abit stronger. sablés (read : sa-blay) are french butter cookies originated from the normandy region in france. i've always had this impression that sable = sand therefore ground almonds are added to give that sandy texture as with the case of pâte sablée tart dough, but not these. i guess the sugar itself gave the sandy texture.

Macha Sablés

whoever says that when you give cookies away they have to be in bags? :D

recipe source : okashi treats by keiko ishida

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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