Fluffy Pancakes, Finally!


frankly, my previous failed attempt on pancakes left me feeling embarrassed much more than anything else. for someone who's got almost 4 years of experience in baking and has dabbled with countless of complicated bakes, there was no reason why i could fail in such simple stuff like pancakes (yes i know i've said that before). i was really determined to get it right and i'm glad i didn't have to wait long. i got it right on the next attempt, all thanks to this video on youtube :D i reckon nothing beats watching a video coz it lets u see exactly how its being done, consistency everything. watching beats studying & reading combined and i'm so glad i decided to go on youtube instead.

end result is extremely satisfying. everything, from taste to smell to texture resembled mcdonalds' hotcakes alot. i had them with spiced honey and salted butter and they were so yum! i did not follow the "conventional" pancake rules eg. taking care not to overmix the batter, or using sufficient butter to oil the pan etc. but i do feel that beating the egg whites separately does result in a fluffier pancake and i'm sticking to this method in future. its almost hard to believe that egg whites and not baking powder would make such a huge difference.


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