Pulut Hitam Ice Cream


Pulut Hitam Ice Cream
all it took was one sentence from a friend - "i'm eating island creamery's pulut hitam ice cream" over MSN one day that got me into making this ice cream. island creamery's rendition is really good. smooth, coconutty, fragrant and easily one of my favorite flavors. though i didn't have a recipe to begin with, common sense tells me the easiest way to put this together is simply to find a coconut ice cream recipe and add in cooked glutinous rice that has been presoaked and boiled to a mush. and while a vanilla bean ice cream recipe will require you to place the vanilla bean pod together with the cream while bringing it to a boil, i added pandan leaves to the coconut milk. end result was a really rich and fragrant ice cream, better than i expected but a tad too cloying. might consider replacing some of the cream with milk if i'm ever gonna make this again.

Black Glutinous Rice
i didn't know black glutinous rice's so pretty! haven't really paid any attention in the past and i thought it only comes in one shade - black, but i spotted brown & white grains among the blacks. i also ended up buying the organic one that cost $3 a 500g pack coz i couldn't find the normal ones in the supermarket. was told they taste better but frankly, i couldn't really tell the difference, not especially when the coconut cream's so overpowering.

Pulut Hitam Ice Cream
a delicious mess. quite good when eaten in small quantities :D


recipe adapted from iced : 180 very cool concoctions by jane lawson

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions

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