Rosemary & Garlic Oil Flatbread


Rosemary & Garlic Oil Flatbread
it must hv been more than two years since i last baked bread. even after i got my kitchenaid more than a year ago, i haven't started on using the dough hook yet. i wished i had used it sooner to knead dough coz it was such a breeze to do so. kitchenaid has been my best kitchen investment so far, followed by the immersion hand blender :p those two really made my life alot easier. and so, i came across this from donna hay magazine and the recipe looked real enticing. the thought of dipping the flatbread in olive oil & balsamic vinegar got me drooling. moreover, the recipe looked simple enough to follow (not that i'm intimidated by complicated recipes heh), just that i don't wanna spend time proofing the dough for 2 hours. this one only requires 30 mins of proofing.

Chilli & Anchovy Flatbread
i separated the dough into two portions and made a chilli & anchovy version as well. doesn't look like a flatbread i know. becoz i haven't been baking bread for such a long time, i forgot the dough will rise even more after baking. i should hv placed a thinner portion of the dough in the tin. silly me. tastewise quite good, tho' i was pretty skeptical at 1st since the recipe uses plain flour instead of bread flour. texture wise it reminds me of the pan pizza's base so i think it will work just as well for pizza.

oh, and i love anchovies! not cheap but extremely tasty & savory ;)

recipe source : donna hay magazine, issue 34

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