Desserts I Made II


part two of the desserts i made over the past 2 mths.

Pâte de Fruit Framboise

pâte de fruit framboise. a french fruit jelly made with a combination of raspberry & pear puree. my 1st time working with pectin & citric acid, and a second attempt at confiserie (candy making) after caramel fleur de sel.

Choc Banane

choc banane - choc biscuit sacher sponge, banana mousse, banana confit, walnut custard mousse, glaçage choc noir (dark choc glaze). this is the result of a sleepless night. too stressed over orders i guess, so i worked on this from 2am to 6am :p

Tarte au Citron

tarte au citron. pâte sablée crust, homemade lemon curd, italian meringue, homemade candied lemon peel. bubble sugar decor made with isomalt. the appearance of the the tart is inspired by canele, but of coz, theirs are much nicer! i'll make another version soon, using pierre herme's recipe and without the meringue.


amelie. pistachio almond dacquoise, raspberry gelee, white choc rouges fruits mousse, raspberry & white choc decor. something really easy that i put together in under 3 hrs. well, to me that is. the dacquoise was the only component that required baking, and it has only 3 ingredients - egg whites, almond/pistachio powder, sugar. i love dacquoise, coz its so easy to make & taste really good, esp fresh from the oven.


amelie, another shot. typically, a french entremet should be low in height, glad i got it right this time.

Café Caramel

café caramel. kahlua-soaked choc biscuit sponge, coffee mousse, caramel mousse, coffee fluid gel & dark choc decor. the arrangement of layers reminds me of pierre herme's sensation satine :D

Café Caramel


Millefeuille au Chocolat-Framboise

millefeuille au chocolat framboises. puff pastry, chocolate raspberry creme chantilly, fresh raspberries. a quick dessert fix i made under 30 mins and i used 15 raspberries for each millefeuille. talk about being extravagant. ha!

french patisserie is where the heart is and the ONLY thing i feel passionate about, despite the occasional baking of rustic desserts & dabbling with cooking. i can't wait to come up with more desserts! ♥

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