Macarons 2019


happy new year, lunar new year and valentines day as well! yet another 8 months have passed, no idea if anyone still reads this blog but my new year resolution is actually to come back to blogging, and to do it more often. and nothing beats starting a new year with a macaron post, something that i've been making for 12 years now. the only difference is i now use a built in oven to bake my macarons. it was finicky in the beginning since it took alllllot of figuring out the temperament of my oven. turns out that the temperature display isn't that all accurate. i had to attempt lots of trial & error as well as using two oven thermometers to help figure things out. my ovens are way too hot so i'm now baking my macarons about 20-30 degrees lower than shown on the display.

i've taken a couple of macaron orders as well, its heartwarming to know people still remember my macarons.

matcha and rose macarons, with homemade rose petal jelly

sea salt chocolate macarons with fleur de sel guerande dark chocolate ganache

mango, chocolate sea salt caramel, pistachio, raspberry lychee macarons

packed in a pretty marble print box, marble greeting card and silver ribbon

earl grey chocolate, raspberry, creme brulee macarons with vanilla caramel center

super adore these white drawer boxes with see through covers and gold trimmed details

strawberry, chocolate and salted caramel macarons packed in cellophane bags, "thank you" stickers and silver ribbon

black & white series - hojicha macarons with hojicha tea ganache, bamboo charcoal macarons with matcha milk jam ganache

packed in clear acetate macaron boxes and an elegantly simple black label

coeur ispahan 2019 - large heart shaped macaron entremet with fresh raspberries, rose buttercream and a lychee center, embellished with red rose petals.

i will be doing up my catalog menu on dessert couture and it will be up real soon. i forsee i will also be making more macarons this year, so stay tuned!

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