Matcha Kakigori


matcha kakigori (抹茶かき氷), also known as ujikintoki (宇治金時) is a japanese shaved ice dessert with matcha syrup, anko and dango

i bought a kakigori (かき氷) shaved ice machine last week and have been using it almost everyday. in where i live where its summer all year round, this is more of a necessity than a luxury. i think its really fun because the combinations you can come up with are virtually endless.

this is the machine i got, its also the same model that cooking with dog is using. it looks pretty old school doesn't it? it has a plastic body though i would very much prefer it to be metal. it's automatic and comes with a knob at the bottom where you can adjust the size of the ice flakes. it also comes with 2 plastic containers to freeze your ice in. i have tried freezing not just water but milk and juice as well and the results were very good. the only drawback is the noise. its pretty loud to be honest, definitely louder than a blender. for those interested, you can buy it from

recipe for the matcha kakigori is from here. the matcha syrup is very good! in fact the combination itself is fantastic, lots of interesting textures here. you could also have it with a scoop of matcha ice cream on top or drizzle condensed milk over. i'm really happy because we can finally eat bingsu/kakigori/shaved ice/snow cone whenever we want!

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