Peach Panna Cotta


vanilla panna cotta, peach compote + jelly

this refreshing dessert is perfect for summer and what i like about it is that its all natural and does not contain any coloring. the weather has been horrible lately, i feel fortunate i don't have to work under the hot sun and i suddenly have got a new found respect for those who do!


there are 3 components to this dessert. first you make the peach compote by poaching peaches in a vanilla sugar syrup. while at it, the color leaches out of the skin of the peaches lending the syrup a very beautiful peachy pink color where you later on make it into a peach jelly by adding gelatin. there's also the vanilla panna cotta which is very creamy. this is so lovely and is one of my favorite verrines now. i think the whole thing is more vanilla than peach since poached fruit don't really taste like much.


recipe is from this website. one tip though - make sure you use a freestone peach instead of a cling peach because if you use the latter, you'll have an extremely hard time getting the pits out. it virtually doesn't budge. the first time i tried, i used nectarines and it was an ugly messy affair. not a problem if you just intend to slice or dice the fruit, but if you're intending to halve the peach and twist it, good luck with that. i learned my lesson the hard way and used a proper peach this time round, the kind with fuzzy skin.

this recipe would also work with stone fruits like plums as well as pears. i find the jelly on the sweet side so rather than what the recipe says that is to add additional sugar into the compote when making the jelly, i watered it down.

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