Strawberry Chiffon Cupcakes シフォン・カップケーキ


recently, i've been making chiffon-based cakes really often. i don't just make the actual chiffon per se, i realized they're actually pretty good made into roll cake, sheet cake base for entremets/verrines or even into cupcakes. they yield much better results (soft even upon refrigeration) and simpler to make compared to a dry hard genoise. genoise requires warming the eggs and sugar to body temp and then whisked until ribbon stage which i think is too much work.


this cake turned out really good especially when paired with a strawberry creme chantilly (whipped cream). the addition of ground almonds also gave it a nice texture. i'm always amused when people (be it homebakers or bakeries) call them hokkaido chiffon cupcakes. they so DID NOT originate from hokkaido! a japanese creation maybe, but definitely not from hokkaido.

recipe is from here and it makes plain flavored cupcakes but i substituted half of the milk with strawberry puree + some pink food coloring and i think the result is really good.


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