Strawberry Mushipan いちご蒸しパン


Strawberry Mushipan いちご蒸しパン

junko has done it again, this time in the form of decorated mushipan (steamed cup bread). she's probably most well known for her decorated roll cakes but she actually has a few other books on decorated desserts like puddings and cookies as well. i only saw this book recently at the store so i reckon this must be her latest. was actually not very keen on making mushipan again after the first attempt (it was really dry) but the cute decorations really wowed me. theres even one on alpaca. did you know alpacas are really big in japan? they've got plush toys, stationery and stuff. who would have thought?

Strawberry Mushipan いちご蒸しパン

i chose the strawberry version which is like one of the more basic ones. i thought my drawing was hilarious! didn't expect the mushipans to rise so much in the steamer and the strawberry decor looked seriously biggggg and overwhelming. i mean, i drew it really small actually so next time it has to go even smaller, most likely to the size of a five-cent coin. tastewise it was really really good. the use of condensed milk and strawberry jam probably made this very moist and soft even until the next day.

Strawberry Mushipan いちご蒸しパン

how could i not mention about the pretty cupcake liners that i used? it actually has got a bird pattern at the bottom, and its my favorite one now.

recipe source : Junkoさんのデコ蒸しケーキ

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