Pierre Hermé's Tarte Infiniment Café


Pierre Hermé's Tarte Infiniment Café

even though i hardly eat desserts these days, i still get the urge to bake every now and then. i've been wanting to recreate this coffee tart for quite sometime since i wasn't very satisfied with the infiniment vanille tart i made 2 years ago. the tart was too thick and the top was bigger than the bottom and looked really unbalanced. couldn't believe i actually went ahead with that. all in all, it was not refined enough by my current standard so i wanted to see if i could do a better job this time round.

Pierre Hermé's Tarte Infiniment Café

this tart is made up of 5 components, namely pâte sablée crust, biscuit cuillere (sponge fingers), coffee ganache, coffee creme chantilly and coffee glaze. i made my own biscuit cuillere this time coz i didn't like how the storebought ones tasted. the biscuit was supposed to come up to just half the height of the tart crust and then topped up with the ganache but i didn't wanna go with too much ganache so i had more of the biscuit instead. this was a really nice tart that was crisp and creamy at the same time. however, it was tooo sweet for my liking. i've never really liked working with white chocolate in the 1st place coz its so sweet and cloying. probably the reason why i don't use white chocolate ganache as a filling for my macarons except for cassis since the tartness of cassis puree balances the sweetness of white chocolate well. hubby really liked it though. i think he's got an even bigger sweet tooth than i do!

recipe is taken from pierre hermé's ph10. probably one of my utmost favorite cookbooks of his, the book features entremet, verrine, tart and chocolate recipes from his patisserie. it only comes in french (and spanish i think) and i got the french edition.

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