Cucumber Tsukemono ピリからきゅうりの漬物


Cucumber Tsukemono ピリからきゅうりの漬物

tsukemono is japanese pickles made from a variety of vegetables like carrots, cabbages, radishes etc. unlike the western counterpart, these are not pickled for a long time. usually just one or two days and eaten fresh, they remain crunchy and refreshing. and among all the varieties, i love the cucumber one or better yet, spicy cucumber tsukemono the most.

Cucumber Tsukemono ピリからきゅうりの漬物

i did a random search on cookpad for the recipe and i was disappointed this tasted pretty mild. it might be due to the large amount of brining liquid used, kinda diluted the whole thing. its not sour enough, and definitely not sweet enough. tastewise it reminded me of water kimchi but the good thing is it remained crunchy and the birds' eye chili + wakame were nice additions to the otherwise bland tsukemono.

lastly, i apologize for the lack of posts. lunar new year preparations have taken a toll on me - spring cleaning, food shopping, helping my parents and in laws out is just no mean feat. plus i'll be baking for the family as well. the last thing i wanna do now is blog.

recipe from cookpad

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