Coffee Milk Bread コーヒー牛乳パン


Coffee Milk Bread コーヒー牛乳パン

finally, i managed to make a decent loaf of bread. i didn't like how my breads used to turn out in the past. they always had this really dense and undercooked texture no matter how much i knead or proof them. i found out the culprit was actually the yeast. i used to use this french brand called saf-instant but somehow it didn't work well for me. changed to another brand and had considerably better results! the dough was so much quicker to rise and the texture was light and fluffy.

Coffee Milk Bread コーヒー牛乳パン

this recipe is taken from a bread machine book but it went dead on me after kneading for two seconds so i had to knead it using the KA. it also uses coffee flavored milk so i used meiji coffee milk but the coffee taste was almost non existent! hence, this tastes just like normal sandwich bread but it was still good and had a nice crust.

i'm thinking of trying a poolish/pre-ferment starter next time coz i know it would give me a better texture and flavor. ciabatta, anyone?

recipe source : 我♥面包机 by 荻山和也 (home bakery recipe by kazuya ogiyama)

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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