Giving Credit When Its Due


lately its been brought to my attention (either readers have emailed me about it or i've chanced upon their blogs through pinterest or something) that there were quite a few people who tried my recipes without giving me credit. i absolutely do not claim them to be my own, which is why i ALWAYS state the source of my recipes and if they're from books, i almost always post a thumbnail of the book cover so it would be easier for my readers to look out for the book should they want to purchase.

for whatever reason these people refuse to state the source, either due to laziness or that they're afraid of me finding out their blogs or wanna claim the recipes as their own, thats fine. if you change certain things or improvise on the recipe, you can definitely call it your own BUT to copy word for word from what i typed out, thats plagiarism and is totally unethical. if you intend not to credit me, then don't freakin' copy a whole chunk of my text and pretend its YOUR recipe! its common sense and basic courtesy, if you don't know how to properly credit a person, this article will teach you how.

they know who they are, and i don't want to link their blogs here to give them that publicity they don't deserve, so in future, either credit me or stop copying my text. these black sheeps really make the blogging community an unpleasant one and it makes me wanna stop sharing recipes. and for those who think they'll never be found out, how wrong can they get? the internet is a much smaller place than they think it is.

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