Carrot Cupcakes


Carrot Cupcakes

i think everyone should have a good carrot cake recipe in their repertoire and here's mine. i usually sing praises of donna hay's recipes coz they work really well for me but this one, its exceptional. the carrot cakes i've tasted are usually pretty dense, like a banana bread and too sweet, but this one is really very moist and fluffy! it remained so even after refrigerating for two days. plus the cinnamon aroma is really quite prominent so i really liked it.

Carrot Cupcake

this photo doesn't do the cake justice but i hope you'll know how delicious it is! basically i tweaked the recipe a little by baking it in cupcake form instead of a whole cake, replaced pecans with walnuts, sultanas with jumbo golden raisins and added a split tahitian vanilla bean into the cream cheese frosting. it was great! i think its already good on its on without any frosting, just the way i like to eat actually.

also, do note that if you're gonna make them into cupcakes, you'll need to double the amount of frosting in the recipe. i followed the recipe and was only able to frost 6-8 cupcakes.

recipe source : donna hay

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