Mother's Day Cake


Mother's Day Cake

mother's day falls on the 13th which is just two days from now and i made this cake for the mothers in my maternal family (mom, grandma & aunt). i wanted something feminine and pretty hence i added some heart-shaped chocolate decor and tinted them pink. think it would be even better if i had some chocolate transfer sheets on hand.

Mother's Day Cake

the recipe is taken from hidemi sugino's paradis (パラディ) which comprises of a white wine mousse, groseille (red currant) mousse and gelee and a biscuit joconde. something interesting about this is that there is a zest confit component where lemon and orange zest (or rather, shreds) are cooked in syrup then colored red. so as you can see, there are some red shreds on top of the cake which i think is very pretty. taste wise, its very light and i actually think its too light for me. the white wine mousse is really good though i wished there were more wine in there. i used a chardonnay for the mousse which i thought was ok but maybe its not that suitable. i would go with either champagne, moscato or riesling next time. taste wise, it resembles a little like fruits rouges, tangy and sweet with a nice berry aroma.

to all mommies out there, here's wishing all of you a happy mother's day! :)

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