Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子


Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子

mitarashi dango (みたらし団子、御手洗団子) is japanese skewered rice dumplings originated from kyoto and commonly sold in teahouses and outside temples. first boiled then grilled and accompanied by a sweet soy glaze, i love its charred fragrance and the teriyaki-like glaze. they're fun to eat and so yummy as well.

Mitarashi Dango みたらし団子

the recipe for mitarashi dango is much easier to find online than, say, hanami dango so i just grabbed one randomly. the recipe uses a ratio of 2:1 joshin-ko (non-glutinous rice flour) and shiratama-ko (glutinous) which turns out to be rather dense in my opinion. its not chewy enough for my liking so i might just do some adjustments next time. the glaze is amazing though! i've learned how arrowroot starch lends a pristine, glossy and gel-like appearance compared to cornstarch and its much more neutral in flavor so i used that and i'm really happy with the results. some people made their mitarashi glaze really thin and sauce-like but i prefer mine thick and gooey so arrowroot starch is the way to go.

i'm so in the mood to make japanese food these days, i hope you're not tired of seeing them already, coz there'll be more to come :D

recipe source : justhungry

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