Strawberry Cupcakes


Strawberry Cupcakes

strawberry cupcakes with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream

these are by far my utmost favorite cupcakes and i absolutely adore them! i think my cupcakes have turned out really well the past few attempts - from the donna hay's double choc cupcakes to magnolia red velvet and vanilla ones but this just tops it all in terms of taste and texture.

Strawberry Cupcakes

i got the recipe from one of my favorite blogs - i think linda's creations are absolutely stunning and are very classy. when i saw this recipe on her blog, i just wanted to make it immediately. the first time i made these, unfortunately, they turned out too sweet for me. it also didn't have enough strawberry aroma as the chopped strawberries were simply folded into the batter and not incorporated into the cake base. the second time round, i pureed the strawberries and added them with the milk. i also added extra chopped strawberries for texture and most importantly reduced the sugar by almost half. they tasted very good like that! very very moist, fluffy, not too sweet and the cake had a pale pink tinge which i liked.

if i'm not wrong, the original recipe is by sprinkles cupcakes shared on martha stewart's website here and i wanna try using that recipe someday.

recipe adapted from call me cupcake

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