Sakura Cherry Blossom Roll Cake


Sakura Cherry Blossom Roll Cake

"you eat with your eyes first" is my belief when it comes to baking so i always aim to make pretty looking (of coz delicious) desserts and cakes. ever since knowing the existence of pickled cherry blossoms and how the japanese use it extensively in their beautiful wagashi and sweets, that came top of my most-wanted baking ingredient. so when i made the shiro-an white bean paste, i actually had this in mind already. this sakura roll uses the shiro-an both in the sponge and mousseline filling which i find it a really novel idea. having made sponges which require the use of almond or pistachio paste, i really liked the taste so i wonder what it'll be like to use white bean paste instead.


the cherry blossoms are pickled in salt so you'll hv to rinse and soak them prior to use. when i got myself a pack of this from, an online japanese ebay-like site, i was surprised at its taste. it wasn't floral as i expected it to be but more like pickled plums with a sourish tang. i also used the cherry blossom essence which dear felicia so generously gave to me.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Roll Cake

tastewise, i must say i'm really not such a big fan of the sponge coz it was way too eggy for me. it did taste better upon chilling but still. the saving grace was perhaps the mousseline filling. it was really really good, very smooth and creamy. i would think its a cross between creme patissiere and creme anglaise and i could really taste the shiro-an in there but not in the sponge. the mousseline is definitely a keeper though i would go with a different sponge in future.

recipe source : 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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