Homemade Mascarpone Cheese


Homemade Mascarpone

seriously i'm amazed (and somewhat appalled) that storebought mascarpone is soooo expensive when its technically not even cheese. we can make it easily at home at a fraction of the price using only TWO ingredients (whipping cream and lemon juice) so ever since i started making my own there's no turning back to storebought.

i took a recipe from baking obsession and sort of improvised my own. when i made it on my 1st attempt using the recipe it took me a long time to reach 190F (88C) not sure why. double-boiling using a skillet sure takes long! so subsequently i boiled the cream in a saucepan without double boiling then add lemon juice when the cream starts bubbling then stir it a few mins more after that. works fine that way for me.


i quickly whipped up some tiramisu from the leftover sponge fingers i had and it was delicious! seriously, homemade and storebought mascarpone are about 99% identical if you ask me so no reason why we should buy them anymore! recipe calls for a cheesecloth but if you don't hv one you could use paper coffee filters (i got them from daiso at a pack of 40 for 2 bucks). pour the mixture onto the filter, set a strainer and bowl below to catch the whey and you're good to go.

recipe source : baking obsession

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