Nominated for SAVEUR MAG 2011 Best Food Blog Awards!


i am really really thrilled and honored to be nominated by SAVEUR mag, a very well-known gourmet, food, wine, and travel magazine in new york for the best food blog award. i didn't know about this nomination until i logged on to my sitemeter and saw there were many referrals from a voting page on i subsequently received a congratulatory email from helen, the editor of SAVEUR, informing me that out of 45,000 nominees, i had been shortlisted as one of the 6 finalists under the 'best baking and desserts blog' category! definitely a very very pleasant surprise and a very big deal indeed!

i don't know who nominated me but thank you, whoever you are :) and if you like my blog, pls vote for me under the 'best baking and desserts blog' category. to vote, you'll hv to sign up for an account and specify country as 'US'. closing date is 12 may. thank you!

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