B-Caraïbe ベー・キャライブ


B-Caraïbe ベー・キャライブ

loosely translated as the bananas of caribbean, this entremet has been on my to-bake list for a long time since i got the book.


components from top : rum mirror glaze, vanilla chantilly, rum-soaked biscuit joconde, banana sauce (actually more like gelee), chantilly orange choc

breezing through the whole baking process without any major difficulty, the hiccup was that the choc brush strokes came off the the vanilla chantilly abit. from the 1st glance, this didn't look like an easy cake to attempt but it actually is. two of the components, the vanilla chantilly & choc mousse were basically just whipped cream + whipped cream folded into the melted choc. even though the choc mousse didn't require a pate a bombe base, it was still good. tastewise i really really liked it coz like the other hidemi sugino's cakes, this is not too sweet. i've never knew the pairing of rum, bananas & orange choc would be so good. we've all heard of rum and raisins, rum and bananas but rum with orange choc? definitely something new to me but it was superb. the bananas we used were somewhat unripe and the biscuit joconde wasn't soaked enough so it was kinda dry. i believe the nx attempt will be better.

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