Sadaharu AOKI's Macarons


Sadaharu AOKI's macarons

remember the last time i said i was really lucky coz i got to try pierre herme's macarons from both tokyo and paris just two weeks apart from each other? this time i'm even luckier coz i got to try sadaharu AOKI's macarons from both taipei & paris on the same day, thx to my two lovely friends angela and claire! since claire returned from paris for almost two weeks already, i ate the macarons straight without taking any photos :( here are the ones from taipei that angela got me.

Sadaharu AOKI's macarons

there's matcha, cassis, salted caramel, citron, violette and i can't remember the last one. i also had the earl grey, pistachio & sesame noir from paris.

Sadaharu AOKI's macarons

the macarons are TO DIE FOR, SERIOUSLY! they're really really good and is probably one of best i've had so far. they sandwich the macarons with white choc ganache (i think) and i was surprised that they're totally not sweet at all, i wonder how they do it. normally when i eat macarons i hv to hv sips of water in-between each bite but this one, i just ate 6 at a go! simply amazing stuff. my favorite flavors would hv to be the matcha, violette, earl grey & sesame noir. and the thing is, there's virtually no difference between the taipei & paris ones, unlike pierre herme's where i felt the paris were better than the tokyo's. im so getting my lovely friends to buy more the nx time they travel again :p

and so, having tried some of the big names - pierre herme, sadaharu aoki, laduree...i feel like i can die happy now. also, i think obolo's macarons come close to sadaharu aoki's in terms of taste and texture, so i'm getting my fix at obolo if i ever crave sadaharu aoki's. my favorite is their chocolate salted caramel.

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