Hidemi Sugino's Fruits Rouges フリュイ・ルーヅュ


Hidemi Sugino's Fruits Rouges
biscuit joconde sans beurre avec confiture framboise, gelee aux fruits rouges, mousse aux fruits rouges, glaçage framboise
my first recipe from hidemi sugino's le goût authentique retrouvé and i'm really happy with it. i think i must be crazy to purchase a japanese book when i don't understand a word of it but i just couldn't resist coz first, he's a famous pastry chef, secondly the recipes are all so fantastic! some of my friends were really kind to offer help to translate but i just don't wanna impose on them. they can afterall help translate one but not the whole book, which is frankly what i need. you would wanna fully utilize the book too if you had spent close to a hundred bucks on it. so while half-heartedly trying to memorize all the hiragana & katakana characters, i gave up in the end and went ahead with this recipe. luckily the ingredient portion was written in french as well so i could understand a little. it was not all that difficult since this is not the 1st time i've attempted to make a cake without the given methods/steps.

Hidemi Sugino's Fruits Rouges
this recipe has just 3 components so its considered one of the easier ones in his book. while im very familiar with the mousse & gelee, i encountered some problem when making the patterned joconde. the jam is piped on the cake batter before baking but i was horrified to see that the jam lines hv sunken into the cake after baking, making them look like deep slash wounds, really ugly! wasn't sure what went wrong, perhaps the jam i used was too watery or maybe the oven temp was too high. if you've made something similar or are planning on making this, do let me know if you encountered a similar problem like mine.

Rouges Fruits - Cut
overall taste is really good, in fact one of the nicer berry entremets i've had. tho' the gelee is rather tart, it complements the mousse well. the joconde, which is butterless, doesn't taste very different from the one that uses butter. i can't taste the difference actually. this is definitely something i'll make again but perhaps next time scale it up to make a big one, which i think will be just as elegant.

and since i don't understand japanese, the steps are based on my experience working with similar recipes. don't think there should be much difference if i had followed the recipe to a tee. mr. sugino also used a combination of groseille (red currants) and raspberry puree in the mousse & gelee but i used ravifruit's mélange de fruits rouges which consist of a medley of red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries & blueberries. it tastes wonderful and is really apt for this recipe.

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