Macarons for Occasions


Wedding Macarons

i had macaron orders for two consecutive days. first one was a wedding order, from the bride to her bridesmaids as thank-you gifts. flavors are rose, pistachio & dark choc.


second one - birthday gifts. flavors are matcha adzuki, passionfruit milk choc, caramel fleur de sel & dark choc.


** edited to add : one more last minute order. rose, caramel fleur de sel, black sesame.

i made 200 macarons these two days and the aftermath is extreme dark circles under eyes and aching back, hands & feet. so so tired and desperately need some sleep now *yawns*

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  1. Julia5:05 PM

    The recipients of these lovely macarons got 口福! Love the ribbons and pink boxes. So pretty! :)

  2. Mariola´s Cooking Theraphy10:35 PM

    <span>Hello, I really like your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and I love that you are obsess with macarons. I am obsess as well. Laduree is my happiest place!!! Very nice post!. Mariola</span>

  3. Chelle1:42 PM

    omg really like the last shot cos of the cute package box holding the macs. the sesame macs looks especially yums.

  4. so beautiful! i love anything black sesame! i must have that :)

  5. just beautiful!!!!... and your photographs are so amazing. Do you have any tips on how you achieve the wonderful lighting. It's so crisp and white. I'm new to food photography. :) :)

  6. Hi hi Evan,
    ur macarons look awesome!!! drools**


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