Chinese Cookbooks


Chinese Cookbooks

my collection of chinese cookbooks, mostly on french patisserie and translated from japanese. i hv alot more chinese than english ones coz its really difficult to find english books on french/japanese patisserie and entremets. most french or japanese books would usually be translated to chinese, seldom are they translated to english so i'm really glad i can read them. i spent a small fortune on these but its still much cheaper than going to pastry school :p

Chinese Cookbooks

i usually buy my books from books kinokuniya, pageone @ vivocity but recently i've taken to buying them online from they're really efficient and i usually receive my books within TWO days via DHL express. most books are usually cheaper but some would be more expensive. my latest buy is pierre herme's le larousse des desserts and le goût authentique retrouvé by hidemi sugino (in japanese). can't wait to put them into good use!

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