Purple Sweet Potato Dessert


Purple Sweet Potato Dessert

i made purple sweet potato mont blanc again last week upon hubby's request and got some leftover puree from it. its not easy to find purple sweet potato recipes out there especially dessert ones (so far i only came across a few blogs using the same purple sweet potato chiffon cake recipe). i wanted to go for that at 1st but the thought of having to use 5 eggs in a cake just don't appeal to me. and having to work with egg whites all day while making macarons, the last thing i wanna do is whisk more egg whites so i decided on something simple and i made this without a recipe. drawing my inspiration from the korean hobakjuk (sweet pumpkin porridge) and the chinese black sesame seed paste, i decided to make a paste/gruel of sorts and then topped it with glutinous rice balls and sesame seeds. surprisingly it tasted quite good.

Purple Sweet Potato Dessert

as with all my trials & errors, i don't hv a recipe for this but a rough guide would be to steam the purple sweet potatoes, mash/puree them, add sugar, cream/milk to taste and if you like it even smoother, put the mixture through a strainer. for the glutinous rice balls, mix glutinous rice flour, some icing sugar and water until you get a soft dough (it should not stick to yr fingers). bring a pot of water to boil, form the dough into little rounds, drop them into the water and they're ready when they float.

lastly, trivia time! contrary to the popular belief, did you know that the purple sweet potato didn't orginate from japan despite the japanese use it extensively in their desserts? they originated from hawaii and were only introduced to japan some 300 years ago. interesting huh?

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