Fruit Salad With Mint & Grand Marnier


Fruit Salad With Mint & Grand Marnier

i've got some leftover mint from the tarte aux fruits rouges so i decided to make something simple. not sure when it started but i actually liked eating mint just like that. i used to use them solely for decor and if mint has to find its way through my food, they're only limited to jelly ie. with lamb, or in teas and drinks. so when i saw this recipe i knew i had to try it. fruit salad is common but the moment i read that it uses grand marnier, my favorite orange liqueur, i was sold!

this salad is really good. very refreshing and you don't really hv to worry about the fruits being too tart or anything coz they're flavored with honey. i also like the fruits suggested in the recipe so this is definitely a keeper. i'm gonna make it so very often from now on!

Grand Marnier

my bottle of grand marnier since...forever. its been so many years since i bought but i hardly ever use it. really happy that i can not only use it as a imbibage (soaking syrup) in my entremets but in fruit salads too! recipe from here.

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  1. What a luscious- looking fruit dessert! Definitely tastes great with some fruit liqueur!

  2. Jessie Hearty Bakes4:58 PM

    Looks fruitilicious & inviting with all the colours. Refreshing salad for our hot weather here.

  3. norza z10:50 PM

    oh my. this looks so nice to eat and healthy too!


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