Flor Patisserie By Chef Yamashita


Flor Patisserie

it was through word of mouth that we found out that chef yamashita of the famed patisserie glacé (read : gla-say) has left and opened his own shop. i don't think many people knew this at all. having heard good things about glacé, i've been wanting to visit for the longest time. but since chef yamashita has his own patisserie now, its only natural we visit this one first (and maybe glacé next time) :p

Flor Patisserie

the green tea opera. i was kinda expecting this to taste more macha than chocolate but suprisingly (and somewhat disappointedly) it was the other way round.

Flor Patisserie

waguri millefeuille (mont blanc with flaky pastry) was really good and easily the best among the lot in my opinion. even though the chestnut cream was on the sweet side, the whole thing actually tasted very pleasant. i love love love the millefeuille coz it was really buttery, fragrant and perfectly caramelized. this is also the first time i've tasted japanese chestnuts! yum.

Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita

the strawberry souffle was good too. it was actually kinda hard to make out if it was a souffle cheesecake or just a normal sponge cake but i did taste cheese (and the girlfriend said lemon as well).

i think i've very fortunately been having rather good desserts lately (k ki, the sweet spot @ marina bay sands as well as this) and flor is a place i wanna go back again. there are so much more other desserts to try from there. service is impeccable and chef yamashita himself is really friendly and courteous! definitely made the whole dining experience very pleasant. the only thing is perhaps me being used to seeing really modern and beautifully decorated entremets and i feel that the cake decors here are rather normal and "down to earth".


2 duxton hill
website : http://www.cakeflor.com.sg/

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  1. yeah yeah, my friend's cafe ! Would love to go to Singapore and try :D

  2. felicia11:35 AM

    this place looks great!
    haha isn't it always the case for matcha? never enough! :P
    wonder if the strawberry souffle is the same as the glace one!

  3. Michelle11:52 AM

    pretty! loved the strawberry and chestnut dessert, not much of the matcha. hoho. my photos are still not up. i feel so guilty i have so many on backlog. haha.

  4. bossacafez11:57 AM

    yea me too, i thought the macha was so so too. haha, take yr time. looking forward to read all yr backlogs :p

  5. bossacafez11:58 AM

    yea for macha lovers like us, never enough!! i think the strawberry souffle shd be the same tho' i've not been to glace.


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