Berry Yogurt Smoothie


i've been making smoothies rather frequently these days. i see it as an alternative to eating something i don't like and in this case its plain yogurt and strawberries.

you may think that its understandable that many people will not like plain yogurt but strawberries? afterall they're sweet, juicy and aromatic. well, not if you live in this part of the world where strawberries either come half ripened or even as they look red and inviting, they're usually anything but. its almost an impossible task to get really good strawberries if they're between $2-$5 a punnet. of course, the $19.90 ones from japan would be a different story altogether. but i still find myself buying yogurt and (cheap) strawberries often coz they're good for health and i even read somewhere that strawberries can actually whiten teeth!

Berry Yogurt Smoothie
this is a really simple recipe that uses just a few ingredients. i'm intending to level it up by adding protein shake powder and wheatgerm next time.

recipe adapted from here.

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