Matcha Soufflé Roll Cake


Matcha Soufflé Roll Cake

yesterday i went over to my friend vickii's place and we had a little nice baking session. being matcha fanatics lovers it was only natural we bake something matcha so we decided on this. while i've made roll cake (i refuse to call them swiss rolls) before, i've always used the genoise or biscuit sponge method but i hadn't been really happy with the outcome. the cake always turn out dense and somewhat dry. i usually soak biscuit sponges with syrup when i make cakes so the denseness doesn't affect that much. but since roll cakes cannot be soaked, the dry texture is rather apparent. making soufflé sponge adopts an almost different method as the steps are more like making choux pastry, it promises a soft texture so i was rather keen to try it.

a peek at our messy prep area but i love it. there's just something very peaceful about this picture that i like.

Matcha Soufflé Roll Cake

rolled up cake and the works - a generous sprinkle of matcha powder and gold foil. to be frank i was rather disappointed with the taste. while the texture was alright, it was too eggy for my liking (i hv this phobia with the strong smell in some eggs) and that overpowered the matcha taste. i'm not sure if it was becoz the cake needed time for the flavors to develop whereas i had it almost immediately upon cooling. and due to an oversight on my part (more like the lack of experience) i filled it with too much cream and it was a struggle to finish it, plus it made rolling difficult. oh well, better luck next time! vickii wasn't as fussy as i was and she felt the cake was good.

we sure had a swell time baking & having girly chats and you can be darn sure we'll be having another baking session. soon.

recipe source : okashi treats by keiko ishida

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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