strawberry milk, cornflakes, fresh strawberries. wouldn't hv done the film effect if it wasnt for bad lighting in the 1st place.

Strawberry Milk

and could you believe this picture got into flickr explore? explore = interestingness, based on the no. of favorites and comments the moment you upload the picture. i realize this ALWAYS happen to my unplanned shots, those i don't think are not even nice, or the anyhow ones. its just weird and freaky. my "anyhow style photos" always get the most comments/favorites on flickr.

hv a good week ahead, y'all!

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  1. daphne11:03 PM

    what a vintage/rustic look the 2nd photo with the glass bottle is. I can see why! Old school and with character. =)

  2. chelle11:14 AM

    oh oh oh i have the exact same milk bottle. i spotted it in the first picture and was thinking it looked familiar...till i scrolled down to the second picture. hurhur. ;) i love your props. they are all so beautiful!

  3. maameemoomoo2:57 PM

    I got the same bowl too!

    But mine is pink and white.. thinking to collect more!


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