Pumpkin Puree Soup With Burnt Sage Butter


Pumpkin Puree Soup
gnocchi must not like me very much, coz i tried making it twice and failed. first time i mashed the potatoes using the hand blender and they turned out too watery. second time i added too little egg and the gnocchi separated upon boiling! and with the sage leaves already bought (planned to make potato gnocchi with burnt sage butter initially) i had to think of something else.

Pumpkin Puree Soup
i singled out a few pumpkin recipes but settled for the soup in the end coz its really really easy to make. while the soup was pretty decent i didn't think it was that spectacular. might be the type of pumpkin i used, local ones which are dirt cheap. at 10 cents a 100g, 800g of pumpkin only cost me 80 cents *chuckles* am gonna try japanese pumpkin or butternut squash in future to see it makes any difference. and maybe roasting the pumpkin prior to cooking might make the soup more fragrant.

recipe source : donna hay mag, issue 32

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