Mushroom Risotto



i bought a box of arborio rice quite sometime ago and its been staring at me everyday since. was feeling kinda apprehensive about it since i've never made risotto before. but the ones i had outside were so good i just have make it at home.

Mushroom Risotto

turned out great as usual for a 1st attempt except it wasn't very mushy. i used a combination of brown cremini, white buttons & shimeji mushrooms and gave it a swipe of spinach fluid gel. i tried spinach puree initially but it was too watery. i would hv used squid ink if i have it. time to buy some from culina!

Arborio Rice

and, arborio rice is really expensive, i got it at about $9 for a 1kg pack. probably the first and last time i would buy it since i don't really fancy its chalky smell & taste, plus long cooking time unless you soak it overnight prior to cooking. so i think i'll use up the rest by making something sweet, like rice pudding ;)

recipe from here.

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