Mini Matcha Chiffon 抹茶シフォンケーキ


Mini Macha Chiffon
in continuation of my macha craze, i decided to make something macha-related again. i'm not usually a fan of chiffon or any other "rustic" cakes and anything less than 4 components simply bores me. but i bought some really cute mini angel cake tins and i just hv to use them!

Mini Macha Chiffon
recipe is taken from alex goh's fruity cakes (took a photo of the page using my phone at the bookstore hehe). 2b frank, i dislike local or malaysian cookbooks coz they use artificial pastes, ovalette, emulco, essences & non-dairy whipped topping (ewww!) quite extensively. but i like alex goh coz his recipes are good and hv never failed so far. and this one is no exception. however, what suprised me is that the recipe is really brief, and being used to french & japanese pastry cookbooks that are so precise that eggs are measured down to the grams and they don't use cues like "coat the back of a spoon" but in exact temperature, i had a hard time figuring out what to do. but glad it turned out well, in fact better than i expected. texture wise is very cottony soft & spongy. and i realized the ingredients used are not much different as compared to a biscuit sponge, but what makes a chiffon different is probably the proportions eg. more eggs, butter/oil etc.

and my photos turned out really ugly, hubby commented the cake looked like the kind of sponge used for ikebana flower arrangement :( tried frosting with a layer of creme chantilly but it turned out messier instead! i was hesitant to post it at 1st but the cake turned out so good i just hv to share :)

recipe adapted from fruity cakes by alex goh

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions

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