Caramel Fleur de Sel


Caramel Fleur de Sel


i love caramels but i love salted caramels even more! i've been DYING to make these, but hv been putting it off since i didn't hv fleur de sel (flower of salt). been looking around for the best - preferably one from the guérande region in france but i couldn't find. not even the le saunier de camargue's :( ended up i settled for the slovenia produced one which is actually not cheap too. $15 for a 125g jar which i bought from fairprice finest last weekend.

really easy to make and i succeeded on my 1st attempt, consider that i don't even hv a decent candy thermometer. i only hv the IKEA one which will only go up to a max of 130C. its really yummy, especially with a sprinkling of more fleur de sel on top. i sandwiched macarons with them and its SO GOOD. i also love seeing little specks of vanilla bean in them. and initially i was contemplating between doing an "obolo", which is chocolate shells, or a "canele", which is white shells sprinkled with cocoa powder. i settled for the latter since its prettier :D

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