Twelve + One Patisserie Take II


Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

yep i was there again yesterday for the 2nd time. i've never done this b4, patronizing a cafe twice in a span of less than one week haha. but this time, i was disappointed coz their cakes & pastries tasted somewhat stale. the place was pretty deserted on a weekday, and besides us, there were virtually no one eating in, but just 1-2 people having takeaways. so i reckon the cakes must be leftovers from the weekend. and with no demand on weekdays, i believe they hardly churn out fresh bakes since nobody's gonna buy anyway. so the moral of the story - go there on a weekend instead!

Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

again, the petit tartlets & macarons. the macarons were REALLY dry and stale, and just really bad. my own macarons were still crisp on the outside & chewy on the inside even after a week in the fridge (according to my customers) so you can imagine how long these hv been kept? i dare not think. the rest of the tartlets were ok but nothing to shout about. we also ordered the mistral again (the pistachio & apricot gateau) and that was pretty stale too and hv lost its lustre.

Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

l'opera, $7. this was good tho'. the biscuit joconde were well soaked and the coffee buttercream was a good too, overall fragrant & creamy. i've always loved opera so i guess i could be biased? :p

Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

emilie, $7 - a chocolate raspberry gateau. i had high hopes on this coz i feel you could never go wrong with chocolate & raspberry. but apart from the whole raspberry & raspberry coulis decor, there was hardly any raspberry inside, no gelee, no preserves, nothing! the whole thing was just chocolate. the chocolate mousse also reeked strongly of dairy whipping cream which is expected, but maybe if they used more dark chocolate the smell of whipping cream wouldn't be so apparent. this is based on my own experience.

Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

i love their cappuccino ($6), its good. i had espresso on the 1st time, was ok but the single shot was really pathetic, and its 4 bucks.

Twelve + One Patisserie & Cafe

exterior/patio area. i still love the ambience. really quiet & serene, just pity about the cakes. BUT i think this won't be the last time i'm going back coz now all my friends wanna check out the place! total damage this time, $44 for 2 persons. we ordered 3 gateaus, a plate of petit tartlets & macarons ($6 for 7 pcs), 2 cappuccinos.


No. 6 Rochester Park

*twleve+one has closed down on the 26th dec 2008

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