French Macarons


i think by now, most ppl would know what macarons are. nope, they're not slabs of neither-cakey-nor-crunchy coconut biscuits topped with an ugly glaced cherry we used to see in english cookbooks. well, those could be called 'macaroons' but not macarons :p french macarons are elegant little confectionery which is the IN thing and VERY popular now. if you know macarons, then you'd probably know about the high end patisseries in paris selling them, in terms of 10,000 pieces a day - pierre herme, laduree, gerard mulot, jean-paul hevin, lenotre & fauchon, just to name the few. in singapore, only a couple of patisseries sell them, one of them is canele patisserie. to know more about macarons, see this article at wikipedia. macarons are elegant, sophisticated looking and very temperamental indeed. though made with simple ingredients like egg whites, ground almonds & icing sugar, i don't think many ppl actually mastered the art of making them. but fortunately, just very fortunately, i mastered them at my 2nd attempt. they're extremely sweet but super addictive, especially when chilled & paired with a not-so-sweet filling, such as lemon or blood orange curd. of coz, a swiss meringue buttercream would also do, since the "shortcut" buttercream often has 4-5 cups of icing sugar dumped in there.

i'm making macarons like every other day in small quantities, experimenting with different colors & flavors, and its really FUN! seeing your macarons develop prominent feet (or frilly skirt as some call it) and a nice dome shape with glossy top, the sense of satisfaction is tremendous. more when they're difficult to master. just to share with you the pics i took of these little babies.

macarons au rose - paired w/ rose scented buttercream

macarons au chocolat

macarons au chocolat - packed in a box

macarons au citron (lemon) paired w/ lemon curd buttercream

innard pic - how it looks like on the inside

macarons au the vert (green tea) & caramel beurre sale (salted butter caramel)

and my latest addition! pink & purple macs paired with raspberry buttercream. arent they gorgeous?

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