Chocolate Banana Yule Log


Chocolate Banana Yule Log

layers from top : chocolate glacage, chocolate bsicuit joconde, banana mousse, banana gelee, sauteed banana center and walnut creme patissiere

i made this for the family dinner on christmas and here's whats left of it. totally didn't get a chance to take any photos until after, and only posted it up 3 days after christmas as i'm still up to my neck with macaron orders. but i decided to share this afterall coz its really good and could be made into any shape and not just a log. the family really liked it and were all praises! took a while to do so many components but it was all worth it.

Chocolate Banana Yule Log

the flavor was amazing and it was better than any chocolate banana cake i've had! recently the supermarket started carrying these bananas from japan and they tasted better and had a distinctive sweet aroma, perfect for baking and making desserts with. anyway, i made this entremet before back in 2009, if you're interested you could look at it here but i thought it was pretty embarrassing to look at coz it was so messy. my entremet-making skills definitely improved through the years!

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions

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