Ambroisie アンブロワジー

this is the 5th hidemi sugino's recipe that i've attempted and i think i've put this off long enough. being too time consuming to make is one thing (it has 8 components in total including the decor) but i must say that glazing cakes hasn't been my forte and it still isn't. then again, this is the entremet that won mr. sugino the 1991 world pastry cup (coupe du monde de la pâtisserie) so could i possibly miss it? no i couldn't.

Ambroisie アンブロワジー - Cut

from bottom - biscuit joconde au chocolat, mousse au chocolat noir, framboise pepins, biscuit aux pistache, mousse a la pistache, glacage au chocolat

truth be told, i don't think i did such a good job on this. i thought the glaze was somewhat messy and the layers weren't really that identical to what was on the book but i must say the taste is AMAZING. i don't know how with all the chocolate mousse and glaze the entremet still tasted surprisingly light on the palate. the chocolate biscuit joconde is also the best joconde i've ever had, so moist and delicious. all in all, the components just complemented perfectly with each other and the pepins provided a nice tang and contrast to the sweet layers. definitely a keeper!

Ambroisie アンブロワジー

i made this in a span of 2 days. i don't think its possible to complete this in a day (unless you're really diligent), plus if you're making your own mascarpone and almond/pistachio paste to use in the recipe, you're definitely gonna need more time. ugh, and im still hatin' the glaze. if you think the purpose of the glaze is to hide any imperfections, think again. this one simply accentuates, but i must say it tastes quite good and the cake wouldn't be complete without it :)

finally, after a 3 mth long break in making entremets, i feel like i'm ready for more.

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