Vanilla Sugar


Vanilla Sugar

i wouldn't actually hv thought of making my own vanilla sugar since i feel that using new pods for this is just too extravagant. old ones hv all gone into my homemade vanilla extract so there wasn't any opportunity to make this until i found some unused ones in my fridge. due to my carelessness i had forgotten to wrap them tightly so they had dried out, which is just perfect for the task if you ask me!

making your own vanilla sugar is super duper easy and you can just about use it in anything. i like to replace normal sugar with this in baking and also add a little into my morning coffee. my previous entry of the b-caraïbe uses this as well. some people like to just stick used pods into the sugar and let it infuse for a week or so before using, i prefer grinding the beans and sugar together so the aroma is stronger (and i'll just use lesser as a result).

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